Mortality and functional outcome after pediatric intracerebral hemorrhage: cohort study and meta-analysis.

Boulouis G, Stricker S, Benichi S, Hak JF, Gariel F, Kossorotoff M, Garcelon N, Harroche A, Alias Q, Garzelli L, Bajolle F, Boddaert N, Meyer P, Blauwblomme T, Naggara O.

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J Neurosurg Pediatr

2021 Apr 9

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OBJECTIVE: The clinical outcome of pediatric intracerebral hemorrhage (pICH) is rarely reported in a comprehensive way. In this cohort study, systematic review, and meta-analysis of patients with pICH, the authors aimed to describe the basic clinical outcomes of pICH.

METHODS: Children who received treatment for pICH at the authors' institution were prospectively enrolled in the cohort in 2008; data since 2000 were retrospectively included, and data through October 2019 were analyzed. The authors then searched PubMed and conducted a systematic review of relevant articles published since 1990. Data from the identified populations and patients from the cohort study were pooled into a multicategory meta-analysis and analyzed with regard to clinical outcomes.

RESULTS: Among 243 children screened for inclusion, 231 patients were included. The median (IQR) age at ictus was 9.6 (4.6-12.5) years, and 128 patients (53%) were male. After a median (IQR) follow-up of 33 (13-63) months, 132 patients (57.4%) had a favorable clinical outcome, of whom 58 (44%) had no residual symptoms. Nineteen studies were included in the meta-analysis. Overall, the proportion of children with complete recovery was 27% (95% CI 19%-36%; Q = 49.6; I2 = 76%); of those with residual deficits, the complete recovery rate was 48.1% (95% CI 40%-57%; Q = 75.3; I2 = 81%). When pooled with the cohort study, the aggregate case-fatality rate at the last follow-up was 17.3% (95% CI 12%-24%; Q = 101.6; I2 = 81%).

CONCLUSIONS: Here, the authors showed that 1 in 6 children died after pICH, and the majority of children had residual neurological deficits at the latest follow-up. Results from the cohort study also indicate that children with vascular lesions as the etiology of pICH had significantly better clinical functional outcomes.

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