Innovation and Technology Transfer Department

Imagine’s mission is to translate findings from research into innovative solutions in order to develop new drugs, medical devices and diagnostic tools to improve patients’ lives. The Institute’s Innovation and Technology Transfer Department plays an important role in achieving this goal.


Translating the scientific advances made by researchers into innovative therapeutic and diagnostic solutions is a vital part of the work Imagine does. Today, the Institute is overseeing the development of over 100 solutions inspired by the research done in its labs, a quarter of which are being developed in collaboration with at least one industry partner. About 300 other solutions, developed outside of Imagine’s labs, are undergoing clinical testing in the clinical units and reference centers that make up Imagine, largely to meet the needs of industry partners. This means that the translational research capacities of Imagine, the only of their kind in the world in the field of rare genetic diseases, currently allow for more than 400 solutions in various development stages, ranging from pre-clinical to phase 3 clinical trials, to be developed.

The Innovation and Technology Transfer Department’s role is to support researchers carrying out biomedical innovation projects, to form R&D partnerships with industry partners, and to create startups destined to develop the innovative solutions of the future. Working with various stakeholders and private partners—industry partners, entrepreneurs and investors—the Department facilitates all the necessary formalities, particularly in terms of regulations and contracts, partner research and external funding, and managing intellectual property. Imagine is becoming increasingly integrated into an ecosystem that is especially conducive to developing innovative biomedical solutions.

A single point of contact for all administrative formalities

In 2016, Imagine was awarded the Tremplin Carnot certification by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation. In 2020, it was awarded Institut Carnot certification. As such, it receives additional support for  its partnership research and innovation strategies. Imagine’s Innovation and Technology Transfer Department, located at the heart of its research facilities, is the primary point of contact for researchers, doctors and engineers at the institute, as well as for private partners—industry partners, entrepreneurs and investors—who wish to work with Imagine to develop innovative biomedical solutions to help patients.

3 innovative systems to accelerate development

Imagine has implemented systems to start and accelerate projects with high innovation potential:

  • Springboard to accelerate projects intended for the creation of a start-up,
  • Lab-in-labs for the development of projects in partnership with industry set up in close proximity of the laboratories,
  • Bioentrepreneurs to train entrepreneurs alongside researchers.
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