Institut Imagine offers a stimulating and ideal environment to train and develop the career of young researchers, PhD students and post-docs. Imagine has the priority of recruiting the best talents and training tomorrow’s generations by supporting them in their career and offering them programs of excellence throughout their journey.


In 2022, 25% of Institut Imagine members were students, PhD candidates or post-docs. Institut Imagine cares to welcome young researchers and future doctors and helps them to improve their skills in the best conditions.

Recruit and pursue an international career

First European center for research, education and care on genetic diseases, Institut Imagine endeavors to attract talents from around the world, showcase advances and promote the careers of its members beyond our boundaries.

PhD International program (PPU-IMAGINE) :

Institut Imagine participates in the Pasteur Paris-University (PPU) program for the recruitment of international doctoral candidates in collaboration with several Parisian universities. Candidates must hold a master's in research outside France. Successful candidates join Université Paris Cité doctoral schools and are welcomed into an Imagine research team.

Next session will open in September 2024.

International academic collaborations

Institut Imagine has initiated a partnership with Hamad Bin Khalifa University in Doha and signed a collaboration agreement with the Guangzhou Women and Children Medical Center (GWCMC) in China. Imagine welcomes 4 candidates into its laboratories preselected by the Chinese Academy of Medicine and the University of Doha since 2019. 

An exciting environment

In addition to these training programs, Institut Imagine offers an attractive environment and centers to support young researchers.

The Young Researchers Association (YR2I) and the Imagine Sport Association organize various scientific, social and sports events that create connections and synergies between Institute members and the scientific community.

A post-docs café was established at Institut Imagine with the aim of facilitating meetings and interactions between post-docs, delivering training sessions on funding methods dedicated to post-docs, and advising them to apply to research organizations.

Support the beginning of scientific careers 

Some scholarships are also available to help PhD candidates to finish or continue their science project.

  • Funding for several months, in 4th year, to complete and support their thesis.
  • An Imagine thesis prize for a PhD student who has defended his/her thesis within the 3-year time limit, and whose work is published or in the process of being published. This prize helps winners - beyond the PhD of 3 years - to continue their work for 3 to 12 months with a salary equivalent to a junior post-doc, to help them finalize their research and complete their research work in the perspective to applying then for a post-doc fellowship. 

Download the 4th year Phd program application file and the Imagine Thesis Award application file.