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First European centers of research, care and education on genetic diseases, the Imagine Institute aims to understand them and cure them. The Institute brings together 1000 of the best doctors, researchers and healthcare personnel in a creative architecture of synergies. Today Imagine is focused on its ambition to change the lives of families affected by genetic diseases.

A unique history

The Imagine Foundation which is dedicated to genetic diseases, was established in 2007 with Prof. Claude Griscelli as the founding president. In 2014, Imagine Institute opened its doors. Looking back on a recent yet already rich history.

Facade Bâtiment
Facade Bâtiment © Patrick Müller

Today, genetic diseases affect more than 3 million people in France, many of them children. With more than 30,000 new cases per year, genetic diseases are a public health issue that affects us all.

Created to serve sick children, today Imagine is the largest European center for research, education, and care with the goal of understanding and curing genetic diseases.


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Understanding and treating genetic diseases

As the leading European center for research, care and education on genetic diseases, Imagine’s goal is to change the lives of families affected by genetic diseases. To achieve this goal, Imagine focuses on four major areas: research, innovative care, education, and promotion.

At Imagine, patients with genetic diseases are at the heart of the virtuous circle. Created by the Institute’s founders, this circle begins with the patient and finishes by curing the patient or at least relieving their suffering. Imagine brings together all the skills and expertise necessary to accelerate research, develop innovative care, and to generate synergies and conditions to drive innovation in one building.

Consultation © Laurent Attias


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An institute at the heart of Necker-Enfants malades

The Imagine Institute building is a glass building on campus at the Necker-Enfants Malades hospital AP-HP, the first pediatric establishment in the world.

The Necker-Enfants malades Hospital  was founded in 1778. Under the influence of visionary pediatricians and geneticists at the forefront of their fields such, the Necker-Enfants malades hospital AP-HP became an international benchmark for research into children's diseases.

fillette qui joue dans l'atrium

It is in this place, imbued with history and scientific progress, that the Imagine Foundation was established in 2007: With some 19,000 m2 dedicated to genetic diseases, the Imagine building offers a new consultation paradigm, perfectly adapted to children with disabilities and designed to provide support for their families. It brings together all parties involved in researching and treating genetic diseases in one place.


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Open to the world

Since its founding, Imagine has opened up to the outside world: forming national and international partnerships, hosting researchers from around the world.

Mappemonde © Bruno Boudon

Since its opening, Imagine has expanded its expertise and knowledge by partnering with hospitals, research centers, and universities both nationally and internationally.



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They make up the Institute

Above all, the Imagine Institute of genetic diseases is women and men who are fighting to accelerate research into genetic diseases in order to help patients. Research and care teams, clinicians, engineers and technicians, students, administrative personnel and the support staff each play their part in realizing Imagine’s goals.

chercheurs scientifique

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Since its founding, the Imagine Institute has been governed as a scientific cooperation foundation (FCS).

Enfants&chercheur © DR

This unique legal structure facilitates public-private partnerships and provides additional flexibility and responsiveness in contrast to traditional structures.

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Faces of Imagine Institute


papier paint

Cure genetic diseases can not be made without you

This wallpaper depicts Jeremy's impaired cells, with nephronophthisis, a serious genetic disorder that causes irreversible kidney failure. This disease takes a lot of place in the life of Jeremiah and his family.

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