To work at Imagine

Above all, the Imagine Institute of genetic diseases is women and men who are fighting to accelerate research into genetic diseases in order to help patients. Research and care teams, clinicians, engineers and technicians, students, administrative personnel and the support staff each play their part in realizing Imagine’s goals.

Imagine Institute

Teams built around patients

Imagine’s strength is bringing research teams, reference centers and clinical departments together around patients with genetic diseases to provide them with better care. The synergy created from having doctors’ and researchers’ expertise and skills in one place inspires our teams to never give up, to form promising collaborations, and to innovate without stopping.



Support teams in support of research and care


Laure Boquet

Under the leadership of Laure Boquet, General Delegate, the Imagine Institute’s support teams’ mission is to help research and care teams, and provide support for the Institute’s technological platforms on a daily basis.





Development and international philanthropy

The department plans and leads fundraising operations to accelerate discoveries and their applications through funding for new equipment and strategic recruitments. It also develops stakeholders’ and the general public’s awareness of the Institute.


Laurent Mellier


Director of development and international philanthropy: Laurent Mellier






Marie de Bazelaire

Director of communication: Marie de Bazelaire



Innovation, technology transfer and clinical research

The department includes:

  • The innovation and technology transfer department, which identifies medical advances, helps to implement patents and licenses, and identifies potential industrial partners for research and innovative programs.
  • The clinical research department, which facilitates and structures the implementation of clinical research projects in close collaboration with clinical research centers and the clinical research unit.

Director: Hélène Chautard





Human Resources

The department recruits and manages employees of the Imagine Foundation, coordinates the management of human resources with those of our institutional partners.


Director : Anne VISEUR

Legal department

The department advises and supports the Institute in legal matters, studies and analyzes legislation, regulations, legal precedents and the law.


Head: Nathalie Wuylens



The finance department manages the Institute’s budgets, monitors and manages common expenses of the building, and, if necessary, those of the labs and core facilities.



Director: Séverine Delalande




The IT department helps teams to use and secure their computer data and ensures that the servers, network and the audiovisual system in the auditorium work correctly.


Jérôme Flatot


Head: Jérôme Flatot



Hygiene, Safety and Environment

The department ensures compliance with the current hygiene and safety regulations, develops a culture of standards, fosters dynamic sustainable development and attends to quality procedures.


Head: Anne-Marie Laurencine


Internal departments

The department ensures the proper functioning of the warehouse and laundry, and organizes the supply of nitrogen. It coordinates the proper management of the equipment and shared spaces.


Cécile Bureau


Head: Cécile Bureau



Operations department

The department maintains the infrastructure and the building and coordinates operations of technical service providers.


Stéphane Paillet


Head: Stéphane Paillet





Education and Society programs coordinator

Coordination of education and training programs (MD-PhD, International PhD, Half-time research for MDs, MD-M2, 4th year PhD thesis, Imagine Thesis Award, Tutoring program, Science dissemination fellowships), and animation of Human and Social Sciences and societal programs aimed at improving the lives of rare genetic disease patients and their families.



Conference center

The conference center is at the heart of the Institute’s scientific life as it hosts most of the conferences, seminars and trainings.

It can also be privatized by sponsors and client partners for scientific or charitable events.



For further information on the conference center 



Imagine Foundation's WOMEN-MEN equality index

Pursuant to the Professional Future Act of September 5, 2018, Imagine publishes the results of its gender equality index within the Imagine Foundation.


This index evaluates the professional equality between women and men within companies in the form of an overall score out of 100 points, which each company calculates from four indicators. Below the threshold of 75 points, the company must define and implement corrective measures within three years.

The gender equality index at the Imagine Foundation is 84 points out of 100. Find here the details by indicator:


  • Pay gap: 39/40
  • Individual salary increase gap: 35/35
  • Percentage of employees receiving a raise after returning from maternity leave: 0/15
  • Number of employees of the under-represented gender among the 10 highest earners: 10/10

"We are satisfied with this result, which is up two points this year. We are continuing our commitment and actions to guarantee professional equality between women and men and to promote diversity and professional mix. With this in mind, we have launched an action plan dedicated to gender parity and professional equality at the end of 2021", notes Laure Boquet, General Delegate of the Imagine Foundation.


Parity and professional equality

Institut Imagine is committed to promoting parity and professional equality, with a dedicated action plan and two parity and professional equality advisors to support management in carrying out these actions.

In this context, Institut Imagine has set out its commitment in a Charter that promotes

  • Equality in recruitment, remuneration, access to training and career development 
  • Equal access to positions of responsibility and promotion 
  • Equal participation of women and men in governance bodies 
  • A better balance between professional and personal life 
  • Support for parenthood
  • Prevention of sexual violence, harassment and sexist behavior


Parity and professional equality

Institut Imagine is committed to promoting parity and professional equality, with a dedicated action plan and two parity and professional equality advisors to support management in carrying out these actions.

In this context, the Imagine Institute displays demonstrate its commitment through a Charter which promotes:

  • Equality in recruitment, compensation, training and career development
  • Fair access to positions of responsibility and promotions
  • Equitable participation of women and men in governance bodies
  • A better balance between working and personal lives.
  • Parenthood support
  • Prevention against sexual violence, harassment and sexist acts

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