Theme Leaders, talented young investigators

In 2021 , Institut Imagine launched its first call for applications "Theme Leaders@Imagine". This initiative aims to recognize the talent of young investigators within the Institute's laboratories. This status allows them to be responsible for a research theme in a laboratory and to benefit from a better visibility, inside and outside the Institute, to advance their projects and careers more quickly.

Research Acceleration

This status rewards the talent of these young researchers, the relevance of their research work and encourages them to develop their projects.

Eleven Theme Leaders have been nominated by the International Advisory Board of Institut Imagine, in December 2021 and May 2022.

Dr Vivien Beziat, Human Genetics of Infectious Diseases Laboratory 

Vivien Beziat






Dr Erika Brunet, Genome Dynamics and Immune System Laboratory







Dr Jacinta Bustamante, Human Genetics of Infectious Diseases Laboratory

Jacinta Bustamante






Dr Frédéric Causeret, Genetics and Development of the Cerebral Cortex Laboratory

Frédéric Causeret






Dr Sorana Ciura, Translational Research for Neurological Diseases Laboratory 

Sorana Ciura 2022






Dr Aurélie Cobat, Human Genetics of Infectious Diseases Laboratory

Aurelie Cobat - Equipe Abel






Dr Emmanuelle Jouanguy, Human Genetics of Infectious Diseases Laboratory

Emmannuelle Jouanguy






Dr Sven Kracker, Human Lymphohematopoiesis Laboratory

Research Director






Dr Anne Puel, Human Genetics of Infectious Diseases Laboratory

Anne Puel






Dr Thiago Trovati, Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Hematological Disorders and Therapeutic Implications

Thiago Trovati 2022






Dr Julien Zuber, Human Lymphohematopoiesis Laboratory

Julien Zuber