Cultivating and transferring innovation

Patient-centered, Imagine houses a community of expert medical researchers in an inclusive environment that effectively harnesses the contributions of private and public partners. We are driven by our goal of finding new solutions and quickly putting our innovations to work to benefit patients.

From Research to Innovation

To achieve our purpose of improving quality of life for patients, our mission includes bridging the gap between new knowledge and existing therapies and transforming scientific advances into therapeutic and diagnostic innovations meeting unmet medical needs.

Activite de laboratoire
Activité de laboratoire © Laurent Attias

Building on our preclinical and clinical expertise and resources, our pipeline consists of 400 solutions at various stages of development, including more than 100 innovations which are direct result of the research work carried out by our teams.

The Innovation and Technology Transfer Department’s mission is to work with our ecosystem of partners and experts to transform our research results into biomedical innovations.



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What Imagine offers companies

Preclinical and clinical expertise, research models and tools, cohorts and more: go to our dedicated website and explore our unique innovations and research programs in genetic diseases, organized by therapeutic area and pathology.
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Research and Innovation for Industry: Institut Carnot label

Institut Carnot Imagine

Imagine has been granted Institut Carnot label. As a member of the Carnot Network, our institute is committed to facilitating, investigating and implementing R&D projects with industry partners according to best practices in our sector.




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Main Achievements

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Pipeline, partnerships, patents, licenses and start-ups: here are some of our innovation and technology transfer success stories.






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Springboard, Imagine’s Accelerator

Springboard is Imagine’s dedicated initiative to provide funding and expertise for projects in genetic rare diseases, aimed at the foundation of startup companies. Its goal is to maximize the chances of bringing innovations from the lab to the bedside in order to best help patients.

Equipe Edor Kabashi et Rima Nabout
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Lab-in-labs Innovation Platform

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Lab-in-labs hosts industry partners in close proximity to researchers and doctors at Imagine to facilitate partnership research.






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Clinical Research

At Imagine, we want to make sure our research results are transformed into medical solutions to benefit patients. We take part in clinical research projects to confirm the value of new approaches in human trials.

Soignante avec masque
Soignante avec masque © Laurent Attias

These projects deepen our understanding of diseases, test new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches, and are a required stage in drug development before requesting approval to market the drug and make it available for patients. Imagine Institute’s teams are currently involved in more than 500 clinical trials.




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Bioentrepreneurs Launchpad Program

Former par et à la recherche
Former par et à la recherche © Mathilda Bedin - YR2I

This program to train entrepreneurs and accelerate healthtech start-up projects is a valuable stepping stone to entrepreneurship and value creation in the biomedical sector.




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Cure genetic diseases can not be made without you

This wallpaper depicts Jeremy's impaired cells, with nephronophthisis, a serious genetic disorder that causes irreversible kidney failure. This disease takes a lot of place in the life of Jeremiah and his family.

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