Condé Nast and Institut Imagine launch the Institute's first donor magazine

The Condé Nast Group (publisher of The New Yorker, Vogue, Vanity Fair, GQ and Glamour) is a partner of the Imagine Institute to promote research and researchers to the general public.
The adventure began with the first issue of "G.I.V.E" magazine, which Condé Nast teams dedicated to the Institut Imagine. It is now continuing with the first magazine offered to the Institute's donors, "iMAGine". Discover, through the testimony of Sarah Herz, Director of the CNX studio, and Bérénice de Brondeau, Editorial Director, the backstage of this beautiful partnership.

Published on 11.10.2022


In general, G.I.V.E.'s objective is to highlight women and men who change the world and move the lines by working with altruism and generosity.

Without any particular knowledge in the field of research and genetic diseases, we discovered a fascinating world. We were struck by the extraordinary dedication of the doctors and researchers who transform the lives of thousands of sick children and their families. We witnessed the incredible commitment, excellence and humanity of all the teams working at the Institut Imagine. For all these reasons, we have decided to dedicate the first issue almost exclusively to this wonderful Institute.

This experience with the first G.I.V.E. had such an impact on all of us, that after its publication, we decided to maintain our commitment to the Institut Imagine by proposing to create its own donor magazine project.

The Institute's development and philanthropy teams wanted to design a magazine that would create a lasting connection with donors, while providing them with the information they needed about the impact of their gifts, in an original format.

We were convinced that we could bring a fresh perspective ! We then proposed a magazine that would bring hope, that would clearly show the field of possibilities, and that would open up to the outside world with complementary themes by bringing in philosophers, writers, artists...

Moreover, this project allowed us to work on a question that is unusual for us, but very interesting: how to talk to donors?

We decided to embody the work and time of research as much as possible by imagining a central feature, "Into the lab", designed as an immersive experience in the Institute's laboratories, and a section "24 hours with ..." a doctor or researcher. We met Prof. Rima Nabbout, a specialist in genetic epilepsy, who took the time to explain to us her daily life in contact with families, children, associations and the scientific community. For us, who work mainly in the field of luxury and culture, we measure the exceptional human richness of such an enriching and meaningful experience.

magazine donateurs

Our second choice was to put forward positive photos, which give the desire to go and meet the scientific and medical world, which is sometimes anxiety-provoking for the public. It was also important to put forward figures, key words, and drawings to talk about the latest news from the Institut Imagine and to show the effervescence of research.

Our last point was to show donors the concrete usefulness of their donations. Readers had to identify with the Institute's beneficiaries. In this context, we met with the parents of little Balthazar, who gave us a poignant account of their story and of how the Institut Imagine saved their child's life.

This meeting touched us deeply, and reaffirmed the meaning of Condé Nast's support for the Institut Imagine. It is to help children like Balthazar that we mobilize, and that we put our creativity at the service of Imagine with the ultimate goal of triggering donations for research into genetic diseases.

One of our challenges has been to make complex topics related to genetic research accessible to everyone, so that the reader understands why and how important it is to donate. We were impressed by the involvement of the doctors and researchers in the writing of the magazine. They have taken complete ownership of this work and understand the critical importance of engaging with donors as essential partners of the Institute.

This project has created a positive buzz and excitement among the entire CNX team. Everyone at the studio wanted to participate in the Institute's outreach. It was a truly extraordinary experience. No one has been counting the hours, and we can't wait to imagine the next issue.

Sarah Herz, Director of Editorial Strategy Condé Nast

Sarah Herz condé nast






Bérénice de Brondeau, Editorial Director France Condé Nast

Bérénice de Brondeau