Sophie Berissi

The histology and morphology facility

Publish at 20.11.2019


Sophie Berissi


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The histology and morphology facility is an animal pathology service that also provides training in various techniques for localizing proteins and/or messenger RNA.

Depending on the user’s request, the facility will take your frozen or fixed samples and will do paraffin embedding, cutting, staining and develop immunohistochemetry. It can also train a team member in the use of the different work stations, so that researchers can perform the studies themselves while continuing to benefit from the facility’s experience and technologies.

The facility currently has all the necessary equipment for routine histological and immunohistochemical work on fixed and frozen samples.



  • an ASP300 inclusion machine (Leica)
  • an EC350 inclusion system
  • three semi-automatic microtomes (two HM340E systems (Microm) and one LEICARM2145 (Leica) for training)
  • a transfer system for rotary microtomes (Thermo Scientific)
  • a CM1850 cryostat (Leica)
  • an automated immunohistochemistry autostainer
  • a PALM MicroBeam for laser microdissection (Zeiss)
  • a fume hood (ETRAF Bioquell) for performing various staining techniques (hematoxylin eosin, periodic acid-Schiff, picrosirius red, Masson’s trichrome, etc.)