Nadege Bondurand


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Since 1998, Nadège Bondurand has investigated the molecular and cellular bases of neural crest development and associated disorders by combining expertise in genetics, molecular and developmental biology. To this end, she engineered several cellular and mice models and used adequate patient cohorts. She particularly focused on the role of SOX10 and EDN3/EDNRB during enteric nervous system development. Recently, Nadège Bondurand characterized the role of A-to-I RNA editing in neural crest development in mice.


Images page perso Nadege Bondurand
Heapmap issued from RNA-seq data, histology, immunofluorescence or Xgal stainings performed on embryos or tissue sections from wild-type or mutant mice to visualize neural crest derivatives including enteric nervous system and Schwann cells. © Nadège Bondurand