Training today for better care tomorrow

Initiated and for a long time supported by the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation, our training programs have demonstrated their excellence, their attractiveness, their dynamism and their impact on the career paths of young talents at Institut Imagine.

Published on 24.01.2023


Since then, other donors have chosen to invest in the Institute's training programs: MD-PhD Program, PPU@Imagine or the Scientific Outreach Fellowships.

By coming to meet young students and accompanying them on their journey and their work, the patrons see all the opportunities that their support can bring: for this new generation of doctors and researchers, but more widely for families and patients. Sensitive to the future and the influence of research, they are all convinced of the impact of the collective and of the transmission of knowledge.

Thank you to our patrons who support the training programs, particularly through the sponsorship of students:


"We are pleased that through a long-term commitment, we are able to contribute in our own way to attracting talent from around the world in support of Imagine's mission: to change the lives of families affected by genetic diseases.”

Jacques-Antoine and Mathieu Philippe, co-founders of Colville Capital Partners



"We are very admiring of Institut Imagine which is a unique place bringing researchers and scientists closer to patients and the general public. Their dedication to research helps save the lives of others, there is no greater mission."

Céline Vrignault-Derville, member of the Fonds Derver



“Our Family Endowment Fund wished to support the Scientific Outreach Grant Program for its multiple benefits, both on patients and their families but also on doctoral students. Raising the general public’s awareness, and particularly the young public, about Health and Research on genetic diseases, is in our eyes a source of comfort and well-being for patients. The use of games or creative media dedicated to understanding rare diseases and the work of the Institute is also a way to discover scientific professions, to enhance the value of doctoral students and to support them in their long study paths. In addition to medical research projects, Scientific Outreach Grants create links and allow different worlds and interdisciplinary expertise to meet. This project developed by Institut Imagine demonstrates its capacity for openness and innovation in a collaborative spirit. The humanity and involvement of the teams are part of this desire to combine energies around a common ambition, that of building a better future for all children affected by the disease. We are proud and happy to be able to contribute to these great medical and social advances.”

Marie Beauvalot, founder of the Milk for Good Endowment Fund, whose mission is to support programs dedicated to the well-being of children, concerning health and education.



"Promepar Asset Management is very pleased and proud to support the development of Institut Imagine’s research projects. We have been particularly convinced and receptive to its missions; the transmission of knowledge and equal opportunities are indeed at the heart of our concern in the sharing of a part of the management fees of our Fonds Bred Sélection ISR.

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