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The Imagine Institute's genomics platform was created in 2008 to provide high-throughput gene sequencing and expression services to the Necker campus research community mainly. The design of the experiments is carried out in collaboration with the researchers and the site's bioinformatics platform (Imagine Institut/Université Paris Cité) which analyzes the data.

Available Equipments

The genomics core facility is equipped with:

  • 1 sequencer NovaSeq6000, Illumina (production from 800 million to up to 10 billion of sequences/clusters)
  • 1 sequencer iSeq100, Illumina (production of ~3 million of sequences/clusters)
  • Access to a MiSeq, Illumina (production of up to ~15 million of sequences/clusters)

Other equipment:

  • Capillary electrophoresis: Tape Station 2200 and 4200 (Agilent Technologies) Fragment Analyzer (Agilent Technologies) and Femto Pulse (Agilent Technologies)
  • DNA fragmentation: Covaris E220
  • Other devices for nucleic acid assay or quality control of NGS libraries:  Xpose spectrophotometer (Trinean), Qubit 4 fluorimeter (Invitrogen), Step One Plus Light Cycler (Life Technologies)

Services provided

The platform provides:

  • Support for the experimental design
  • Quality control of DNA, RNA and next-generation sequencing libraries
  • Library Preparation and sequencing some types of next generation sequencing libraries
  • Initial quality control of certain types of next generation sequencing libraries and their sequencing
  • Initial quality control of the sequencing raw data and automatic transfer of the data to the bioinformatics platform.

Standard applications proposed (in collaboration with the bioinformatics platform for data analysis):

  • Targeted re-sequencing: Exome sequencing and other types of targeted re-sequencing performed by hybridization capture
  • mRNA-seq: 2 options for total RNA not degraded, one for total RNA quantities not limiting in the order of 100 ng to 1 µg, the other from 100 ng to 500 pg of total RNA)
  • Deep-Amplicons-Seq: 2 technical options
  • NovaSeq6000 FlowCell sequencing of various types of on-demand NGS libraries: Single Cell 10X Genomics libraries for example
  • Other NGS sequencing applications: ChIP-Seq libraries sequencing (immunoprecipitated chromatin sequencing), ATAC-Seq, other amplicon sequencing, other types of applications on demand…